Recent deals

    A few examples of deals include:


    • Research alliance agreement between a Belgian top player in biotech and an international pharmaceutical company.
    • Research alliance agreement with a major Belgian university.
    • Research, development and commercialization agreement with a Japanese pharmaceutical company.
    • Various licensing in / out deals, amongst others with Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Korean companies, for the Asian market.
    • Various licensing in/out deals and distributor/agency or supply agreements, with Middle Eastern companies, for the Middle Eastern market.


    • Setting up the compliance structure and department Europe/Middle-East/Nord-Africa for a Japanese stock listed multinational.
    • Setting up the compliance structure for a Belgian private medtech company.
    • Forensic audits into alleged non-compliance and remedying the situation.
    • Setting up the export control - sanctions laws compliance for a medtech company.


    • Acting Data Privacy Officer for a Belgian listed pharmaceutical company and a Belgian private medtech company.
    • Implementation of GDPR in Belgium/Luxembourg for a German listed medtech company.
    • Program manager GDPR implementation worldwide for a Belgian listed health & wellness company.


    • Setting up the IP department of a start-up IVD company, determining the IP strategy of the company and organizing the IP awareness and trainings.
    • Setting up the IP strategy, including subsidies & grants (>3.5m in 3 years) as well as resolving or settling several major patent litigations in an EU-wide patent litigation, for the EMEA HQ of a Japanese listed company.


    • Healthcare compliance.
    • Contracts in the pharma and medtech sector: do's and don't.
    • Data privacy.
    • IP and subsidies.


    • Insider dealing program for a listed company.
    • Corporate governance program for a listed company.
    • Affiliate restructuring program of a listed company.


    • Issuance of a retail bond, a convertible bond and hybrid bonds (> 1bn Euro).
    • Project financing transactions for clinical trials (> 100m USD).
    • Divestment of a business unit in a multi-country deal in IMM (> 500m Euro).
    • Credit facility issuance (> 1.5bn Euro).
    • Loan agreement from an international public institution (> 250m Euro).
    • Tender of shares to various investment banks (> 20m Euro).